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What niggles you most about your drive to work?

Fleet management services blog. What niggles you most about your drive to work?
What niggles you most about your drive to work?

Driving to work is annoying in itself; you're probably still tired, you'd rather be at home or doing something more fun, and you don't want to be travelling in your car at times when it seems like everyone else in the area is also on the road. There are certain things, though, that make that drive even more annoying, and we're interested to find out whether you agree! 

First and foremost has to be slow traffic. When you're in a rush to get to work, the last thing you want is to be held up by roadworks or traffic jams. These not only make your journey longer, but make you even more frustrated and angry the longer you sit there. 

It's not just slow traffic that's an issue though - it's slow drivers too. Those who drive at 30 miles per hour despite the speed limit being 60, can definitely put a dampener on your journey; especially if there's nowhere to overtake. 

Even things like the condition and layout of the roads that we drive on can frustrate and annoy us on our drive to work. Potholes and bumpy road surfaces get our goat; as do things like roads with seemingly excessive numbers of traffic lights, which are inevitably always red when you approach them. 

Mostly, though, it's other drivers who are the biggest source of annoyance on the road. We don't like tailgaters, or those who, when on a dual carriageway or motorway, decide to weave in and out of traffic with seemingly no regard for other drivers around them. We're not a fan of those who talk on the phone, text, eat or drink while driving: especially if it leads to erratic driving behaviour.

If you're driving to work early in the morning or late at night, headlights are another common source of annoyance; or more to the point, drivers who think that it's perfectly acceptable to keep their full beam headlights switched on, even though they can see that they'll blind those approaching them from the other direction. At least they have their headlights on, though, there are some drivers who forget to turn them on at all...

And what about when you're trying to merge into a lane and end up frustrated as no other drivers will let you through. Doesn't that make your blood boil?

One niggle that comes up time and time again in surveys about driving behaviour is that of horn usage. It seems that we don't like other drivers using their horns to alert us about something or to express their annoyance - whereas in mainland Europe, using the horn is a pretty common occurrence with a completely different effect. Should we be using our horns more, as they do elsewhere in Europe, or should we be using them less to avoid annoyance? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this - and on the things that niggle you the most when you drive to work. Please leave us a comment and let us know!

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