We designed AutoPlan FleetMaster to make your Fleet Management more productive. Our benefits deliver plenty of power to manage your fleet, learn from your data and protect your business, providing Duty of Care and supporting your compliance throughout.

Fleet Management GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

The very best tracking and connected navigation systems, fully integrated with your software for a single, all-encompassing fleet management system.

Instantly know where each of your vehicles and drivers are and communicate with them directly from your office.

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Fleet Taxation

Get expert advice and consultation for tax savings and the most efficient fuel usage processes.

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Fleet Management to handle Fleet Taxation
Fleet Management Vehicle Supply and Funding

Vehicle Supply and Funding

Save money when acquiring new vehicles, accessories and vehicle financing and funding.

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Full maintenance alerts, integrated safety checks and advance notice of all renewals to save you time, money and costly repairs.

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Fleet Management software to handle vehicle maintenance
Fleet Management software: Tyre Management

Tyre Management

Buy tyres at competitive rates, manage replacements and excessive tyre usage.

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Fuel Management

Save money on fuel, inefficient vehicles and drivers. Analyse your fuel purchasing across your entire organisation quickly and easily.

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Fleet Management to manage fuel
Fleet Management Duty of Care

Duty of Care

If you run a fleet of vehicles and employ 5 or more staff, you are now legally bound to have a documented fleet safety policy. AutoPlan Fleet Master is trusted by businesses across the UK to help them achieve fleet compliance.

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All the policies and procedures you need to ensure your business is fully compliant with all the latest legislation, dealing smoothly and easily with changes and updates and specifically tailored for your fleet requirements.

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Fleet Management Software to manage policies
Fleet Management Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

Whether your fleet is made of cars, vans or grey fleet, you can manage all your vehicles with timely alerts and reminders covering every aspect of vehicle management from services and MOTs to tyre tread depths and required repairs.

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Driver Management

Manage your drivers with our range of Driver Management tools including electronic licence checking, medical and incident recording, driver training, customised Driver Handbooks and risk profiling.

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Fleet Management software to manage drivers